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Mountain Valley Family Martial Arts!

Traditional Martial Arts mixed with Intelligent Curriculum relevant for today's society.

For those new to the martial arts we offer a New Student Orientation and a Basic Level Program making it your introductory to the martial arts stress free.

Our school partners nicely with parenting your children. Whether it's the preschooler starting his first activity or the child needing help developing self-confidence, our martial arts lessons are great tools to add to your parenting toolbox.

It has never been a better time to get started in the martial arts. Studies show that heart disease and diabetes rank in the top 5 for killers of Americans. Both of which can be prevented if we pursue a proper diet and routine exercise.  Choosing a goal orientated exercise program that also teaches self-defense is un-pallerel in todays lifestyle.

Contact us today, using the Are you Ready? button on the right of this page and we will quickly answer all of your questions.